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We are a true Welding, and machine shop. We hand make all parts in house (no outsourcing here). From custom one off Frames, Tanks, Bars, Swingarms, Front ends, To highly modified Factory frames. No limits!!! Our Designs, and Engineering prove that we are real old school craftsman, NO fillers needed here.

Let me introduce myself, I am Robert Hitch Owner operator of Symmetry Custom. I started riding street bikes at age 12, my first bike was a Suzuki GT 185, And have been riding ever since. At age 43 now, and the passion is stronger than ever. I am a up and coming Master Motorcycle Builder, The Industry will Recognize and appreciate. I started Symmetry Customs in February 1999 as a general welding and fabrication Shop.

For the last 5 years Symmetry Customs has focused our talents on Motorcycle parts & Fabrication. We currently are producing parts for Santiago Choppers, (a very well know, and respected Builder.), Lightning Rod Motorcycles, and Gregg's Customs. We are a Factory certified Honda Frame Repair facility. Symmetry Customs modifies, and make parts for both Domestic and import.






Whiskey Bandit Custom MotorcycleWhiskey Bandit Custom MotorcycleWhiskey Bandit Custom Motorcycle

          Symmetry Customs new Board tracker build (Whiskey Bandit):

  • Concept design by: Rick Bonnin ,
  • Fabrication and machine work by Symmetry Customs in Largo Florida.

This bikes origin started from Ricks Creative Passion for motorcycles as well as his innate ability to see detail in motorcycle’s symmetry. Rick and I started with a single dimension drawing and then after we put our skills to work (proportion and dimensions). We first started with the steering neck spun in house; from there we moved to the frame; drew out a template of what we needed, and started cutting. The forward engine frame is made of 1 1/4” x 6” solid plate, and was cut with a band saw by hand; then contours sanded, and holes as needed; it took 16 hours to complete. We then moved on to the rest of the main frame which was built in our frame jig; that we made in house. Next was the swing arm; a little more challenging because of the way we mounted the swing arm outside of the main frame, and that it being a soft tail the geometry had  to be spot on. Several changes had to be made to make it resemble Ricks single dimension picture. The shocks were borrowed from a Honda 1000rr; the rest of the arm was made of 1"x 2 solid stock rolled to Radii on our Ercolina CE 50 ring, and tube roller, “what a bitch”, it was exceeding the capacity of the machine; so we had to preheat the steel with the rose bud torch until it was almost glowing! We had to roll while steel was hotter than hell; after it had cooled we cut with a band saw; contour sanded, and then drilled. The swingarm was finally on, and working. We then moved on to installing the motor mounts, engine, transmission, and last the starter.

 With everything installed; Rick and I could make the oil tank. We wanted it to hold as much oil as it could, and maintain proportions with a tight fitment. Rick and I ended up with a four quart capacity; that was target dead on. We then made our own custom mid controls, and put them where we wanted them; next was the battery box, and the front end. Rick and I have built this style front end before; again we used 1"x2' solid stock rolled to radii just like the rear, time consuming, “Yes!”; finally we were finished. We removed the frame from the jig, and installed the front end. “Yes!”, now for the wheels! With the roller sitting on the ground Rick and I now needed the handle bars, and custom exhaust; So we made them, and had to fit to a specified style and function. We then installed the split tanks; mounting them on the frame; like a civil war military button latch on a jacket. It all just came together; with everything on we can now have a seat, “and hot damn, that bike feels great!”

Steve Carr from lightning rod motorcycles helped to wire the bike, “Thanks!”  We did need to modify bars for tank clearance; rose, and roll up, “Perfect!” The bike has not seen any real road time yet but is coming soon; only taken around block a couple times. We have a few things we need to finalize; “the bike feels great!” The engine is Ultima 113 Elbruto, transmission is a Ultima 6 speed, as well as 2" Ultima belt drives. The Beautiful paint work came from Scott at Attitude custom paint. This build was challenging and fun and total hours exceed 300 plus.

Thanks Rick, George, Steve, Scott.

-Robert Hitch Is SYMMETRY Customs.-

Fandango Custom MotocycleFandango Custom MotorcycleFandango Custom Motorcycle“Fandango,” is a Hispanic-American dance in triple step, or tomfoolery, playful foolish behavior. I named the bike that because it looks like a fast dance, and that it’s fun to ride. The bike was built to express my passion for motorcycles. I have several builds under my belt, and wanted to do something unique. So This concept was to get as close to a beach cruiser bicycle as possible. I was not looking to copy anything, but more to please myself. I started with the concept with a drawing, and then 5 months later the Fandango was complete. I placed over 650 hours of build time into the Fandango.

The front end as you can see has no triple tree, “bicycle style" works perfectly on the road. The bars are keyed to the steering stem for indexing, and are made of stainless steel. I wanted a retro look so I didn’t sweep the bars back. The frame was made to look like beach cruisers, and has 36 degrees of rake 5" of trail. The undomed tanks is made out of aluminum, and holds 4 gallons. (I receive a lot of comments from people asking why I didn’t dome the tanks, and sweep back the bars, my answer: "I wanted it that way.”) The bike is built to suit my frame. The Fandango is 6’2” tall, and fits me like a glove, it’s not designed for a small person. Both front and rear wheels are 23" 80 spoke stainless steel again bicycle style. The nickel plated fenders were bought as blanks and were made to fit the style, and function of the bike. The front fender rotates around the tire as the shock is compressed under load. This design was not copied from anything but my own imagination, and took quite a bit of time and thought. The beach cruiser solo leather seat is very comfortable with the attached seat shocks. The mid controls were made to fit the bike, as well as put right were I wanted them to be (not too high, and not stuck out a mile.). The foot pedals are bicycle style, and rotate like a bicycle's pedals. The oil tanks is made of aluminum (3 1/2 quarts), and holds the battery. Not to mention the attached oil cooler does a great job of dissipating heat. The engine is an ultima – 113, plenty of power. Also runs the ultima 2' belt drive and 6 speed transmission. The pipes were also custom made, and are equal length @ 42" and tucked in tight. The pipes are high heat coated and wrapped with titanium heat wrap. The paint on the bike is all powder coated including the tanks –. Cost was $475 compared to $1500 conventional paint costs. The color is 57' Chevy turquoise, and the tanks are all white cream. The bike rides like a dream, and is not a harsh ride considering it is a hard tail. This project has everything I desire in a bike and is incredibly fun to enjoy. I can roll up on the bike anywhere in the world, and be content knowing that no one will have anything close.
- "Playful Foolish Behavior"

Retro Racer Custom Motorcycle Retro Racer Custom MotorcycleRetro Racer Custom MotorcycleThis bike is a board tracker design sporting 23" wheels front, and rear, 113cube inch Ultima, & 6 speed tranny. The handle bars were built and designed to work with the new Frontend. The Retro-Racer had an in-shop build time of over 200 hrs. This bike has won several bike shows including Panama City 2009. This bike will be showing in Sturgis this year for the AMD world championships.







Knuckle Dragger Frontend We can make these specific to your custom needs. This is a builders front end, meaning some shimming is required to achieve proper spacing between upper and lower tripple tree struts and steering stem. Knowledge of setting up a front end is required. This front end also requires custom bars to be fabricated that we can make as well for aditional charge. This front end is on the Retro Racer and works perfectly. This will make very cush Ride. Comes with ajustable twin shocks,  The  builder is to supply his own custom hardware including axel, "Chroming" or "Paint"  they are shipped with standard hex hardware and are bare metal finish on front end."you paint"Price is $1800.00 plus shipping charges.

Knuckle Dragger Frontend Knuckle Dragger Front End



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